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Who is Barry, the lodge owner of Sanyang? His inspiring story and insights!
Barry is a passionate advocate for tourism and community development in Sanyang, Gambia. Having spent his entire life in the tourism industry, he saw the potential of his hometown to become a thriving tourist destination. In 2006, he took the leap and opened his own lodge, not only to provide a unique experience for tourists but also to train and empower the young people in his community.
Barry’s dream of a prosperous future for Sanyang took a devastating turn in 2018 when Nessim Fishing and Fish Processing Co., Ltd (Nessim), a fishmeal and fish oil factory, set up shop just 100m from his restaurant. The factory’s operations have led to a decline in fish population, impacting the local fishing industry and causing a shortage of fish for Barry’s business.
The factory’s presence has also brought ecological issues, such as awful smells, smoke, and dead fish washing up on the shore. This has not only affected Barry’s livelihood but also poses a threat to the sustainability of the tourism industry in Sanyang.
Barry is not alone in his frustrations. Other lodge and restaurant owners in the area share similar stories of the negative impact of the factory and the lack of intervention from Gambian authorities. It is crucial for the government to take swift action to protect the rights and livelihoods of the people affected by the factory’s operations.
In order to address this issue, several steps need to be taken. The Gambian government should pass legislation requiring companies to conduct human rights due diligence and monitor the impact of their operations. The factory itself must be transparent and consult with the community regularly. It should also phase out the use of fish that are already overexploited.
Responsibilities also lie with the international community and companies in the supply chain. Fishing agreements need to be regulated to limit the use of fishmeal and fish oil made from overexploited species. Increased transparency and supply chain due diligence are crucial in mitigating harm caused by the industry.
To support the cause and protect Gambia’s coastal waters and communities, Amnesty International has launched a campaign. By joining this campaign and emailing the President of Gambia, Adama Barrow, individuals can demand the implementation of Amnesty International’s recommendations.
Barry’s story is a testament to the resilience and determination of individuals who strive to make a difference in their communities. It is essential that we stand with Sanyang and take action to protect their rights and preserve their future.

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